Managing Stress: Adaptogens

No matter who you are or where you live, the chances are high that you have a high level of stress in your life. Most people do, and it’s been noticed as a rising problem in America (stress has reportedly caused $300 billion annually in damages in the US alone).

Among many solutions to managing stress is a relatively simple one; nonetheless, a solution that has got quite out of hand in the United States: what you eat. Yes, what you put in your body has more consequences than you may realize.

Aside from a healthy diet, however, people have been remedying mental health for quite some time with herbs found in nature. These specific herbs are called Adaptogens and only recently have been receiving some extensive research; maybe most notably on the National Center for Biotechnology Information. An article on the NCBI was written on the effects of Adaptogens, as it relates to stress on the body, and their research showed significant benefits of particular adaptogens on mental health and stress.

Due to their preceding research this article suggests:

Adaptogens have not only specific therapeutic effects in some stress-induced and stress-related disorders, but will also have an impact on the quality of life of patients when implemented as adjuvants in the standard therapy of many chronic diseases and pathological conditions”


I personally have been able to take adaptogens on a regular basis through my complete-nutrition program, which has several adaptogens in one of the natural drinks I take every morning as advised by my program. I have felt less fatigue overall than I have in years (before I always had boredom and fatigue).

This is the product I use to introduce adaptogens to my diet:

Click this link to view product

Feel free to reach out and comment below with any questions you have about managing stress with diet, or about the program I use to manage my stress and provide holistic nutrition to the body!

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