Eating During Quarantine

As of yesterday, the state of California has issued a mandate, and now people are now being mandated to do what they’ve always done – stay at home and avoid society. Of course there’s always that minority who will miss the gyms and the face-to-face conversations (OK maybe most of us). If this describes you, then you’re probably wondering “can I still stay healthy during quarantine?” and, “is it humanly possible to binge-watch the entire Office TV show for the fifth time before quarantine is over?” To the latter, I’m not sure, but for those worrying about their health, I’d like to comfort you by explaining that it isn’t quite as hard as you think.

Image result for newsom mandate quarantine
California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Exercise at home has never looked so necessary, affordable, or doable, but I’m not talking mainly about exercise here. You can exercise as long as you desire, every breathing moment of your existence, and still die of cardiac arrest at a young age.

Nutrition fuels the body. Insufficient and unbalanced nutrition (your average meal) fuels the body insufficiently and leaves it unbalanced (duh). Sufficient and balanced nutrition fuels the body sufficiently, maintains lean muscle, and increases mental and physical performance. (Not to mention stress which is often increased due to malnutrition).  Not only this, but a body on good nutrition has a much stronger immune system.

Most (if not all) of the meals your average human eats nowadays are lacking in nutrition, and the little nutrition they do have is insufficient and unbalanced. You may have a delicious meal of mashed potatoes  with broccoli and pizza, but you are only filling your body with a couple needed minerals, and only a few essential vitamins. Your body needs over 25 different types of vitamins and minerals total, per meal, to function at its prime, and most people are not getting this (rather quite the opposite).

Eating insufficiently AND living a sedentary lifestyle to top things off leads to obesity and heart disease. That being said, it’s no surprise that obesity and hearth disease are skyrocketing at dizzying rates in America, but how much more so, now that people are being quarantined inside their homes and, at the same time, stocking up on malnutritious comfort foods?

In a nutshell, it is vastly important that we receive the correct levels of our vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein PER MEAL in order to maintain our health during this crisis.


I wanted to share personally, because I have been benefited so much by having these complete meals at my disposal. I know it would help so many people, since it’s supremely healthy (proven by university research studies), affordable ($3 per meal), and is shipped directly to your doorstep each month. No sure how it gets any better than that.

It’s time, more than ever, to ensure your body and immune system is getting what it needs to function at its peak! Visit my personal health page for more info and contact me on Facebook to get started!


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