Fluffy Gluten Free Chocolate Sheet Cake

There’s nothing better than a light, airy spin on a chocolate cake. Instead of worrying about layers with icing, making a sheet cake is more time efficient and tastes just as good with a topping of your personal choice.

This particular sheet cake recipe will be gluten free, and we’ll be doing something a little different with the eggs – a method not typically found in regular cake recipes. Regardless, it’s a technique you can implement in any usual cake recipe you desire. We’ll be separating the eggs and whipping the egg whites in a separate bowl, to later fold them in to the final mixture. This will add an element of airy and lighter texture to the cake.


For the gluten free side of things, you can substitute this out for regular gluten flour. But if you choose to go with gluten free, I suggest an all-purpose gluten free flour mix that works with substitution on a 1:1 ratio. Avoid buckwheat and other coarser grains.

Any frosting of your choice will do for the top of the cake once cooled; I personally sprinkled a bit of confectioner’s sugar over the top to give it that finished look.

Fluffy GF Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe – – – – VIEW / PRINT

gluten free chocolate sheet cake recipe card picture

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