Protein Popsicles

We’re finally warming up here, at least in Southern California, so now’s the time to pull out your frozen treats and cool drinks! Most of the time, though, your frozen treats may be things like Otterpops, which are little else than a mixture of corn-syrup and food coloring, or like Kool-Aid, which has ingredients that are impossible to pronounce, and also has food coloring. Sometimes your healthiest option is to make your own, and in this post, I have a recipe for Protein Popsicles! It’s exactly what it sounds like – popsicles with protein powder in them.

These specific popsicles are chocolate popsicles, so the protein powder I used was actually Mint Chocolate Chip, which went quite well with the other ingredients. The type of protein powder I used is a special protein powder, a complete meal supplement, packed with a perfect balance all the nutrition your body needs in one meal. It’s part of the nutrition program I’m on, so that’s what I used (you can find more information here), but obviously you can use whatever protein powder you so desire.

They’re easy to make – simply dump the ingredients in a high-speed blender, like Blend-tec or Vitamix, and pulverize everything.


Protein Popsicles  – – – – – PRINT

popsicles picture

protein popsicles main

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