My First Recipe Ever

What’s the first recipe I’ve made? Answering that question brings me back to way back in time, way back when I was only nine years old.

I remember wondering how Ritz Crackers, Peanut Butter, and Whipped Cream tasted together. That’s right, all at once, all in one scrumptious crunch.

So I tried it. And, as you can imagine, it tasted quite good.

The concept is pretty simple – I started with a Ritz cracker.


Then I spread on some peanut butter.


Then I put on a nice cerfloofle of whipped cream.


…with an optional garnish of a single peanut.


And there you have it.

Just for a laugh, try it out. You might take a fancy to it. They undoubtedly make good sliders. And good sliders are good for New Year’s.



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